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Originally from Chimayo, NM, now living in Albuquerque, NM. Looking on line for some information on monthly visits of the Holy Family and came across this web site. Enjoyed viewing so much since I grew up with the Holy Family Fathers at Holy Cross School and Holy Family in Chimayo. I have even visitied Silver Springs. Greetings to Fathers Luis and Mateo and Bishop Gonzales. God's peace to all. Be well. Deacon Ralph Vigil and Barbara

Greetings from Polish.Parish saint Hyacinth in Bytom.

39;s Grace in your ministry and may you enjoy laughter, friendships and love---one day at a time. Sincerely yours, George Melchor. Scottsdale, AZ

this is soo coool.

Dear God bless all of your brothers

hurch on New Hampshire Ave., near the Seminary. If you know of anything, please contact me. Thank you!

Hellooo.. I love Holy family.. congratulations for you!!!
I hope to meet.. visit seminary in future!!

Brunno Rodrigues, from Brazil.

Saint Joseph Manyanet in Brazil.. in all the world!!!

Dear Father(s): It was great to seeing you. My parents love having you over & my mom loves cooking for you. I love your website. I check it constantly for pics. My parents especially enjoy it when I show them your website. My mother LOVES Holy Family Seminary and in particular...loves the priests. All of you make the seminary a great place of worship. You give everyone a sense of community and belonging. I am so happy and grateful my parents have you, Father John and Father Leandro. All of you are loved, respected and admired for your dedication. It is amazing what a difference one person can make in the life of so many. You and the other priests give everyone faith. Vickie Campos on behalf of the Campos Family.

I guess my relationship with the Holy Family Seminary started around 8 years ago when I joined the Holy Family choir. I never knew that a seminary was in my neighborhood until that time. I knew nothing about the Order of the Sons of the Holy Family. Over the past 8 years, I've watched priests and seminarians come and go. It was 4 years ago when a seminarian came to the seminary by the name of Bro. Leandro Fazolini. Little did I know what a change he would make in my life. Not long after that, Fr. Hernando Cortes arrived. Over those 4 years, they have both been a blessing to me. I learned so much about their Order and Founder, along with some Portuguese and Spanish. In the last 3 years, I've watched a renovation of the seminary that was remarkable. I also watched Bro. Leandro grow to become a Deacon on his way to priesthood. I call the Holy Family Seminary my second home, because that's how I feel when I visit there. I pray everyday for the priests and for more vocations to the Sons of the Holy Family so that they will continue to keep the seminary here when I no longer am able to visit there. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you always. Love, Mama Eva.

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